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Rebecca Saari PhD Candidate, Engineering Systems Division MIT, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA  02139 E19-411-ST9

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As a 5th-year PhD Candidate at MIT, I am building tools to examine and inform sustainable solutions to environmental issues like clean air, clean energy, and climate change.  I am developing an integrated assessment modeling framework to explore the interactions between energy and environmental policies. This framework represents atmospheric processes, environmental policies, and economic impacts. I use it to explore the effect of energy and climate change policy on our air quality, and the resulting distribution of economic impacts.

I am lucky to work with a lot of great people. I am a member of Noelle Selin’s research group in Engineering Systems. I am also a student affiliated with the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, the Program in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate, and with Atmospheric Chemistry. I am also fortunate to have been co-President of the Engineering Systems Student Society, a MITEI Energy Fellow, and a Martin Sustainability Fellow.

Before coming to MIT, I was a licensed professional engineer in Ontario and British Columbia. I worked at Environment Canada as an Air Issues Scientist, and at AECOM as an air quality engineer. I received my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Toronto, where I worked in the Combustion Research Laboratory and the Toronto Atmospheric Observatory.












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